Jessica Wood
Yoga Instructor

I’m Jessica Wood. Lover of all things yoga, fitness, and wellness related. My journey into the practice began in 2008 when

I took my first vinyasa class and fell in absolute love. Since then I have obtained my 200 hour yoga teacher training, barre,

pre and post natal yoga certification, and intensely studied meditation in Hawaii. After finding great solace in my practice and helping others find their’s, my body felt it needed to reap the deeper benefits of physical conditioning which eventually led me to running, attending various boot camp style classes, and lifting weights. Coming from a fourteen year competitive dance background and being a very active individual, this new found aspect of fitness left me feeling my absolute best and wanting to share the sentiment with others. Today, I am continuing to do so by instructing yoga, barre, and body resistant style classes in the beautiful Georgian Bay. Additionally, I’m educated in the Holistic Nutrition field and firmly believe that the key to achieving healthful success is based on living a well- rounded lifestyle through movement, clean eating, good energy, and fresh air. Off my mat I enjoy laughing the days away with my husband and our two young boys, preparing raw vegan treats, reading, traveling, eating delicious foods, and spending time outside. I look forward to connecting with each and everyone of you!