Class Descriptions

All of our yoga classes are designed to

renew, restore, maintain and gain

in the body,

the mind and the heart of each practitioner




 Lots of fun using the ballet bar to tone your booty, abs, thighs and arms!!   Also helps with joint stability as it works the smaller muscles around hips, knees and ankles.   A class full of challenging and functional exercises. Focus on posture and precision. Choreographed to music. Runs in 6 week sessions.

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This class is perfect for students who are new to yoga – or for the experienced yogi who prefers a slower-paced class.  Basic  yoga postures (asanas) are taught with a deep awareness of correct alignment, precise actions in the body and attention to the breath.  Modifications will be offered to give you more ease  – or more challenge.  This is a “no-pressure” class in a warm and welcoming environment!



The best of both worlds! This class combines the deep relaxation of long held restorative postures using props such as bolsters, blocks and blankets (which we provide) with  Hatha yoga floor and standing poses (asanas). This allows you to stretch, strengthen, relax and restore while using the breathe as a healing tool for the body and mind.



A vinyasa (linking movement with breath) style class of creative, flowing yoga poses with holds in the heat (35 to 40 C) designed to stretch, strengthen and challenge the body and mind.   A good general level of fitness and some yoga experience is recommended. Come prepared to sweat!



Explore how the practice of Kundalini yoga can impact your life. Taught by Deanne Enright, a graduate of Sat Dharam Kaur’s teacher training programme, you will be led through chanting, mantras and yoga poses and sequences to enhance your life.  Deanne’s approachable teaching style gives you reasons behind what you are doing lending a depth and purpose to your practice.



This is a great class for those of us limited by pain or injury.  The pace of this class is slow and we use tools (such as bolsters, blocks and blankets – that we provide) and modifications to allow our tired and sore bodies to release and renew. 



Don’t think you are flexible enough for yoga?

This class is designed for the beginner yogi – or for experienced yogis who want a slower-paced class.
The class includes a combination of gentle stretches, then transitions into a series of poses to build strength in the legs, hips, back and shoulders and ends with some stillness to quiet the mind after a busy day

(Psssst…..seasoned yogis:  if you have been wanting to introduce a friend or partner to yoga, this is a good one!)



Done in the heat,  this class will start with energetic,  flowing poses to keep you moving and work you hard! Then we will slow things down and end with some restore time. This class is designed to get you deeply into yourself – mind and body!  An energizing yet calming experience.



A flowing combination of Tai chi, Yoga and Pilates while moving to music. This is a challenging class that will increase your overall well being, improve body strength, core and balance.   Expect  to be challenged.  Be prepared to sweat.



This class will help build strength, flexibility and probably make you sweat!  Incorporating flowing sequences of yoga poses with gentle holds, this class has a meditative quality to it as we link each movement to our breath.  Some alignment cueing and pose instruction throughout the class make this a great introduction to a flow-style class.  



  This class offers you a  series of challenging,  flowing yoga poses and strength- building holds in the warmth ( 25 – 30 degrees C) to release the weekend “bads”.  A wonderful way to end your weekend  and  to help you prepare  for the week ahead.  Knowledge of/ experience with yoga is recommended for this class.



A excellent addition to any athlete’s  workout regime – no matter what your sport.  This class provides you with  an energetic series of flowing poses (yang) followed by a series of longer held (yin) poses.  The flowing sequences will challenge your breath, your strength and will stretch your muscles.    The yin poses are held for 2 to 5 minutes giving you space to settle deeply into the pose and allows your connective tissue (joints, tendons, ligaments) to strengthen.  A great way to deepen your body/mind connection too.


Add a little extra to your yoga workout using weights and dynamic movement while holding your yoga poses.  A great way to build strength, endurance and muscle tone!


Strengthen Your Body, Stretch Your Mind.  Discover Yourself.



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