Partner Yoga for Valentine’s Day

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with someone you love – partner, BFF, daughter/son, sibling…

Partner yoga doubles the pleasure and reduces stress!
Partnering in yoga can be both exhilarating and instructive. Working with a partner often facilitates deeper stretches and may help alignment in ways we could not manage on our own. Partner yoga poses work mainly by adding resistance – your muscles can relax and stretch while your partner’s resistance help your limbs stay in the pose. Because of your partner’s help, you’ll be able to try new poses and find deeper expressions of familiar poses. You will learn to try new things and trust others with your physical body and your emotions/heart.
Partner yoga can also help us lighten up and invite a sense of playfulness into asana practice. Having someone to laugh with as we try a partner-assisted backbend—or hearing a friend sigh with pleasure in a spine-lengthening forward fold—can be rejuvenating to both participants.

Sunday, Feb. 10th

4pm to 5:15pm

Investment:  $50 per couple